Quick and
to install

Quick and
to install

Composition and patterns

Steps by step

Required tools/hardware

48" level
From time to time, check that the placement is straight using your level. You can also check that your 45o and 90o angles are level when installing a chevron or basket weave covering.

Measuring tape
A precise measuring tool, a measuring tape allows you to place your marks so that you cut the boards to the correct length.

A scraper allows you to remove paint chips and create a smoother surface for installing the covering. This will facilitate cleaning and installation.

Mitre Milter box with handsaw, jigsaw, or mitre milter saw.
Get clean, straight cuts with a mitre box. This safe tool allows you to easily complete cutting jobs.

You shouldn’t need a hammer with WoodBox coverings. However, if you are doing a ceiling installation, we recommend using nails. If for any reason a board does not properly adhere to a surface, a hammer will be useful for nailing finishing nails.

Don’t forget your pencil. You will need this essential tool to mark where to cut.

Finishing nails
Finishing nails are designed to be discreet and hidden. If for any reason a board does not properly adhere to the surface, reinforce with a few finishing nails.

Installation Guide

See our installation guide

For your convenience, WoodBox has created an installation guide. You will find all the necessary instructions and the steps to follow to facilitate installation. See our videos for more details.


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